Dead on a Paris wall, Tintin and Snowy live on

Sean Hart's work on a Paris wall.

As a Tintin fanatic, I’m always on the lookout for the latest Tintin news, Tintin merchandise and Tintin graffito. I suspect Tintin in Paris is like Mickey Mouse to us, so he often used ironically by artists with something to say about society.

I’ve been directed to a French street artist named, very unFrenchlike, Sean Hart. His graffiti work, in turn, was depicted by a photographer who keeps a blog here, but says very little about himself. Both artists’ blogs are bookmarkworthy.

The photo here is followed by another scene that I can’t quite bring myself to post.

Why does Tintin still seem kind of obscure here in the U.S.? A Steven Spielberg movie is coming out and a new graphic novel is heavily influenced by Tintin’s series — evidence that the franchise has legs in the U.S. But somehow I’m always afraid I’ll be the last fan standing. I don’t even know anyone else personally who has read Tintin, not that I ask around.

But seeing Tintin dead on a Paris wall makes me realize that Tintin is still very much alive.